The Popularity of Slap Custom Rubber Wristbands

Many organizations today distribute wristbands to introduce the cause they’re supporting. With companies offering custom rubber wristbands, every organization or company can have the right bands according to requirements.

But more than just regular wristbands, slap wristbands are making a comeback nowadays.

What are Slap Wristbands?

Slap wristbands are like “unfinished” regular wristbands. Unlike conventional wristbands, slap wristbands are like thin long pieces of aluminum. Quite very popular in the 80s and the 90s, users need to slap this band on their wrists. The aluminum piece will then wrap itself on the wearer’s wrist, instantly transforming it into a wristband.

In the past, these wristbands are mere aluminum pieces with soft covers to keep the main metallic material from cutting the skin. Since it clings itself to the wrist, there’s no need for additional locking mechanisms to it them in place. Nowadays, you can get these slap wristbands and use them for your organization.

What Differences Come with Them Today?

The return of these custom rubber wristbands marked several changes or improvements beneficial for users. Gone are the days of using cushioned cloth as covering for the aluminum pieces as they are now embedded in silicone rubber, making them more comfortable to wear daily.

Custom rubber wristbandsAnother difference is the type of silicone rubber as covering and aluminum material. Both of these materials are medical-grade, which means they won’t cause negative skin reactions when worn. Furthermore, this quality makes them more durable regardless of how long they’ve been worn.

Designing Them just like Regular Wristbands?

Silicone material used for conventional custom rubber wristbands gives way to more flexible design options for today’s slap wristbands. Clients can choose from a wide array of design options that will emphasize the client’s message or cause.

Even in having aluminum, clients can choose from different text placement options like silkscreen printing or debossing. The availability of different silicone colors are also available that allow clients to customize them according to specific requirements. Every information and detail is placed on the orders to come up with the best wristbands supporters can wear.For more details go through

Other Functions and Benefits

Slap custom rubber wristbands come with many benefits such as being able to fit every wrist size. Gone are the days of extremely loose wristbands because they will wrap around the wrist and stay in place regardless of the wrist size. Their perfect fit makes them ideal accessories that do more than show support for a specific cause.

Some clients want to provide additional function for these wristbands. Hence, they place ruler lines at the backside of the wristband. Whenever they are not wearing the accessory, they can use them as emergency rulers for measuring paper or other materials. These measurements are accurate because they are patterned on the standard rulers used today.

Finally, silicone rubber used on these wristbands is soft and thick, which means they are comfortable to wear daily.

Ordering Process

Nowadays, ordering slap wristbands is easy as order details can be placed through the company’s order form. Various details like sizes, texts, logos and colors can be customized according to the client’s preferences. Even with the additional materials, buyers are guaranteed to get their wristbands on time. Clients can also obtain quotes easily online to ensure they can prepare their budget first before completing their orders.

Overall, slap custom rubber wristbands are now gaining popularity decades after they were introduced. With today’s technology and expert makers, clients can get the best wristbands to distribute for organization members or introducing a cause. If you need these bands, simply contact a reliable service provider to guarantee your orders will be processed on time.