The Importance of Biker Patches

Club colours or biker patches as they are popularly known, are usually fully detailed and have intricate designs. If you examine the back of a biker’s jacket, there are three to four patches showing the:

1. The biker club’s name at the top;
2. The biker club’s emblem in the centre;
3. The location or chapter where the biker club came from;
4. The biker club’s accomplishments (this is optional)

The emblem in a biker’s jacket is the main symbol of the biker club. When someone speaks about a biker club, most people will remember the biker patches first before any other things connected to the group. Most biker patches emblems are colourful and feature frightening characters (usually demonic or monstrous figures like skulls or demons).

A biker patch also features the biker club’s slogan. The term
“MC” which is commonly found in different patches means Motorcycle Club. A lot of bikers are also wearing small patches on their sleeves or on the jacket’s lapel which showcase their accomplishments. If a biker’s jacket has a number 13 patch on it, it means that the biker likes to smoke weed or marijuana.

The biker patches are very important in identifying a biker group. Popular biker gangs like the Mongols, the Hells Angels, and the Outlaws have received the copyright protection for the patches to avoid other biker clubs or individuals from copying their patches.

What Does a Biker Patch Represent?

A lot of biker groups are using their own customized patches to create distinction from other biker groups. A lot of biker groups, aside from wearing their own biker’s jacket with the biker patch on it, also wear clothes with the same colour scheme.

In the case of one of the biggest and most popular biker groups, the Hell’s Angels, all members wear the colour red. Most biker groups are territorial and have their own area, which they also call as their turf. They usually use their own group colour to define their turf. During the early 1990s, to acquire the controlling power for Southern California, two big biker groups, the Mongols and the Hell’s Angels, had a group fight. The members of the groups tried to remove and destroy each other’s patches by force.

Wearing your group’s biker patch in a rival’s territory can be considered as a threat by the rival group. In case one of the group members shows up in one of the rival’s territory with the rival group’s biker patch, they only have two options to escape: remove his or her biker group’s patch or to be harassed by the biker group.

custom patchesAcquiring these biker patches is not as easy as it seems. Each person who wants to be a member of the biker club needs to undergo and pass a long, serious, and gruelling initiation first. Each applicant needs to serve all the other biker club members who will be giving them orders and special requests like doing the laundry, cleaning the member’s motorcycles, buying some food, etc.

Criminal activities such as stealing, carjacking and getting in fistfights with the rival clubs can also be done during the initiation process. Once a member acquires his or her biker patch, the biker patch is already considered as sacred and requires utmost love and care. If a member decided to quit the biker group, he would need to surrender his biker patch first. The same goes for a group member’s tattoos. If a group member wishes to have the group’s emblem engraved on his body, permission from the leader must be acquired first. If he or she, then, decided to leave the biker group, he or she would also need to have the tattoos completely removed too.

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