Enumerating the Elements of an Online Article

Article writingBlueprinting articles is essential for search engine optimization and quality content. When it comes to blogs, the articles must contain elements that will lead to maximum readership. Not missing out on any of these article writing elements will prevent the writer from suffering the consequences of having low quality content and traffic.

•Article Title.

This is the first thing needed in order to explain what readers can expect about the article. In article writing, titles should be clear, concise and catchy to draw more readers. Having a few words containing main keyword related to the article is already enough when thinking of good article titles.

•The Summary.

This is the article’s second element. Typically, it’s a 1 to 3-sentence paragraph that gives an overview of the whole article. This should also have keywords because search engine algorithms tend to pick them up. Readers must be able to get the synopsis of the whole article upon reading the summary to better understand the information inside the article. This also serves as the article’s introduction.

•The Article’s Main Body.

It is considered as the meat of every written article. For this reason, it must be rich and filled with easy to read and detailed information. The keywords used in the article title and the information provided in the article summary must be explained elaborately on this part. Be careful not to repeat the points mentioned in the summary and focus on using responsible set of keywords because keyword-stuffed articles are being “trashed” by search engines’ crawl bots. Often times, these article types are seen as spam.

•The Subheadings.

These elements should be included inside the article’s main body. It doesn’t only benefit the readers to find particular information they’re looking for within articles but it can also be maximized as an SEO tool by breaking the articles into 3 sections or more and sticking to the topics involved within the subheadings. As an example, if an article is about an environmental organization, it can be broken into subheadings which focus on what the organization is all about, when it was established, who can benefit from it and how it can bring impact to the society, using the suitable keywords that can also be used by others to find the article’s information.

•The Conclusion.

In article writing, conclusion means recapping all the information provided in the article’s main body without sounding too redundant. This should not repeat the information in the summary however, it should also contain relevant keywords but there’s need for these new keywords to be introduced. Just entirely reinstate the main idea into final thoughts and arrive into the closure for the article’s end.

•Relevant Links.

Two types of relevant links can be included to the articles. First are the links from other sites that can also provide additional information on a particular topic within the published article. This is search engines’ essential way of finding relevant articles from a certain topic. Second, is through using back links. Previously-written articles can be accessed through back links whenever there is relevant information in the present article. This will also enable the older articles to gain additional readership.


Articles will become more interesting and attractive if there are images. If those images came from sites that provide free web hosting, search engines are there to capture them. Also, captions used in the article must have keywords for better search engine optimization.

In order to achieve high amounts of readership and audience, every written article must contain all these elements. To optimize articles on search engines, a writer must focus on article writing aspects that can increase the content’s quality. Another set of eyes for editing and proofreading is advised when the article’s quality is quite doubtful.

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