Custom Lanyards and the Corporate World

For many years, custom lanyards have been used by numerous companies and establishments as an important tool for corporate branding. Numerous employees pride themselves in being able to express their own unique kind of company identity through objects that they can use in and out of the office. Lanyards bearing the names of some of the most prominent corporations in the world are commonly worn with pride. They have become precious badges of honor in many respects, and outsiders would pay a great deal of money to get one.

They are also very inexpensive and easy to manufacture, making them among the most widely distributed giveaways during corporate events. Ever question why so many people turn up to big corporate events? Sure, great products are launched during these events, but you just have to admit that people show up for the freebies. And the holy grail of freebies? Yes, a lanyard with a prominently displayed company logo. People are simply fascinated by them. Online marketplaces are full of all sorts of “big company” memorabilia—and people actually buy them! Interestingly enough, the normal human tendency to feel the need to belong to a prestigious firm or an organization seem to fuel many to collect them.

Custom lanyardsUnique and stylish, custom lanyards are also used by corporations around the world as a tool for marketing their products. Corporations are aware that lanyards are not just something that holds proximity and identification cards. They are also effective tools that can significantly increase brand visibility. Big and small companies choose them because they are very cost effective. Standard promotional items in the market today are inexpensive, but custom lanyards are usually less expensive, especially when ordered in bulk.

They are also a favorite gift to prospective clients. The prestige of a corporate brand imprinted on a lanyard is an ingenious and effective invitation to business. Not only that, in many job fairs around the world, lanyards are being made available to attract new hires. Small companies competing side by side with bigger companies have the unfortunate luck of being side stepped by job seekers. Many recruiters for startup companies are struggling as a result. But, they quickly found out that job seekers tend to stop looking for other offers the moment they receive their very own company lanyards. Recruiters theorize that by giving applicants their very own company lanyard, job seekers tend to feel that they belong to the company already. This seemingly gives applicants ample reason to immediately stop looking for options. In fact, many successful startup companies started growing this way.

Custom lanyards are often used to promote corporate events. CEOs cannot compel employees to wear Hawaiian shirts to the office, especially if clients are bound to visit during their usual inspections. But, how can managers promote the upcoming Hawaiian weekend next month? Well, they can be ordered to include the theme. Lanyards are great for cascading information about upcoming corporate events. We all know that no one checks the office bulletin board, who would? However, a break in the monotony, exactly what a specially designed lanyard would do, can catch the attention of employees.

Ultimately, custom lanyards are probably the best proxy and identification card holders. They are light, flexible, washable and virtually indestructible. Unlike other common materials used in holding proxies and IDs, lanyards do not rust. Lanyards, been made from tightly woven plastic or extremely durable cloth, are not brittle and would never break. The longevity of the material used to manufacture them is enough to save companies around the world millions every year.

Thus, as you can see personalized lanyards have become an integral part of the corporate industry. Their simple yet immensely positive and profitable impact is nothing short of a miracle.