How To Go About Setting Up Clash Royale Private Server On iOS?

Clash Royale is a game launched by Supercell in the year 2016. It’s a fairly new game in the market that’s created quite the storm and garnered some serious followers. It’s a fast-paced battleship card game that’s engaging and interesting.

To make it even more interesting, as the game gained popularity several Clash Royale private servers cropped up to add to the allure of the game and it only furthered the popularity and interest in the game.

While the official Clash Royal game is a lot of fun, a private server Clash Royale game offers the added advantage of unlimited gems, chests, and Elixir. You can enjoy continuous uninterrupted gameplay with a CR private server.

The game aficionados have been working overtime to develop private servers so that anyone who wants to stay hooked to clash Royale can do so with ease.

Initially, the options were easily available for Android users and iOS users had to wait for a bit to gain some Clash Royale Private server time.

In fact, even when the private server became available, iOS users had several issues, regular breakdown, lagging and sluggish gameplay on their iOS devices. However, with regular maintenance and constant updates, there are private server options for iOS as well.

How to get private server for Clash Royale for iOS?

Before we get started, it’s important to note that private servers and extensions are a lot easier to download and access on Android devices. iOS devices come with several restrictions. For instance, FHX can be downloaded for Android but it doesn’t work for iOS, so you can’t download FHX and access private servers through that.

However, you do have Clash Royale Xmod, this works for iOS. In order to install this, though, your iDevice must be jailbroken. You can do this through Cydia.

So, first your open Cydia, there look for Sources and go tap Edit.

Next click on Add. here you enter the website and click on Add source.

Your next step is to search for Xmod games and install it.

Once Xmod is installed, look for Clash Royale and download the modded CR IPA.

As you can see, downloading a private server for iOS is a long winded process. This is because be it the iPhone, iPad or Mac, all iDevices come with a ton of restrictions that don’t allow wriggle room for private extensions.

There is another dubious way of installing a private server for iOS, but fair warning it’s not recommended and chances are it might not even work on your device. This method is for installing the private server without jailbreaking the iDevice.

Here goes:

Without jailbreaking, first off you need a special UPD port and ensure there is no firewall, else you won’t be able to connect.

Basically, you are changing the DNS server manually in the Settings

There are configurations for Europe, USA, and Asia. You can update the appropriate configuration in the primary DNS.

You do need to do some searching to find out the region wise configuration. Once you get them, go to Wi-Fi options and tap ‘i’ in SSID options. This is where you change DNS

If this works, then within 5-10 seconds you should be on a private server Clash Royale game.

Note: Ensure CR is not running when you are changing the DNS so that the new DNS can start. Also, it’s a gamble and not recommended, but if you still want to go ahead, then you can give this a shot.